COVID-19 News Update

With all the increase in COVID cases through the nation, I wanted to provide you an update on COVID within our Community. We are happy to let you know that we have had zero COVID cases for staff or residents since August 31.

Visitation Update

We need your help! Our county remains in the Moderate phase which means visitation is still limited as the county’s COVID numbers are still too high. We need all residents, families and friends to please adhere to our visitation rules as they are in place for the safety of all. Over the past weekend, we had to turn away several families who did not follow the visitation rules that we had sent out on September 17th. This is difficult on all involved…

COVID-19 Update

We wanted to provide you an update since our last communication on July 21, as we stated in our previous communication, we had taken the proactive step to test all of our residents. To date, out of almost 150 residents, we now have only eleven individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 with still only two of those that need care outside of our community. We still have nine pending tests.